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About DOSBox Deathmatch Club

DOSBox Deathmatch Club is a channel for the Discord app for discussing primarly MS-DOS games while arranging multiplayer events weekly.
It was established by Alex Harrison (aka TheOpenRift) on January 28, 2020. The server became public in January 31, 2020

The server is oriented around multiplayer MS-DOS games via DOSBox emulation.
DOSBox Deathmatch Club exists because there wasn't enough places that properly offer the opportunity to play with other people.

DOSBox for the most part has been something that has a niche apeal for most people, but we also put out patches primarly for GOG releases of these games.
These patches are usually made so you don't have to manually fiddle with DOSBox to open up a setup program or play multiplayer over IPX tunneling, as you can do this via a simple menu system

The first Saturday event took place on February 1, 2020, The game was Quake by id Software.

The first Freeform Friday event took place on January 29, 2021, The game was Blood by Monolith Productions using a custom .INI file "DMCPK1.INI"

As of May 20, 2021, Z.A.R. (Zones for Artificial Resources) was the first potential game turned to a supported game. This was determined via poll on the Discord server.

I hope I'll see some of you guys there. Be sure to read through all the introductory channels to get started.

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