DOSBox Deathmatch Club

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Wednesday January 19th 2022 08:21 PM CST

Event History

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Result Types:

Success = It went well!
Flopped! = Didn't go well! common reasons can be either nobody attending or issues getting things working.
Pending = It hasn't happend yet! but was announced.

Event Types:

Saturday = The regular events. (OpenRift hosts these events)
Freeform Friday = Anything Goes! DOS or Windows! (THEBaratusII hosts these events)

Freeplay = Not planned! We just chill & play multiplayer.
Playtest = It can be tested in public or privately.



Maintained by THEBaratusII
Initially formed by OpenRift in January 28, 2020
640x480 is minimum, but it's best viewed at 800x600 or higher